Verse Trends in "Notes of an Alchemist"

"In the early 1970's Eiseley's later poetry began to see print. The first volume, Notes of an Alchemist (1972) signaled a major departure from Eiseley's tightly controlled early verse. The new pieces moved in free forms . . ."

From the book, Loren Eiseley 
by Leslie E. Gerber, Margaret McFadden
F. Ungar Publishing Company, 1983 


"The Star Thrower" Vezari Studios Three-Minute Short Film [video]

"The starfish cannot return to the sea by themselves."

"But there's more starfish on this beach than you can ever save. Surely you can't expect to make a difference. . . . They will end up washed back up on the shore again. What difference does it make?"

The boy throws a single starfish into the ocean.

"It makes a difference to that one."

Credit: Film produced by Vezari Studios.